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Gain new insight with Promicron: Our company offers goods and system solutions for microscopy. We trade with microscopes and accessories and develop new products constantly, which make microscopy more efficient, more exact and more ergonomic. The product range starts from simple camera adapters up to complete solutions for industrial large scale plants. Serial or customized production, Promicron has the proper solution for microscopy.

Typical tasks are the industrial visual examination, automatic part measuring or microphotographic documentation.

From constructing ideas with CAD-software to the manufacturing of prototypes, that have to pass several tests up to the production of larger amounts of items on our CNC turning and milling machines, high quality products are realised.

We work together with Leica and other prominent companies of the branch. Our product ideas emerge from specific tasks of our clients, mainly for quality assurance applications in the domain of semiconductor production, electronics, microtechnics and printing technology.

In the last couple of years our product and service offer has grown immensely.

Come along and have a look inside. We are anticipating your visit.

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